Amsterdam Light Festival

Let Amsterdam brighten up your days this winter.

Canal laat je op de mooist mogelijke manier van het Amsterdam Lights Festival genieten: vanaf het water!

For all Lovers of Light and Art!

Winter. The season of cold weather and early sunsets. Perfect for staying inside and snuggling up on the couch with some hot coco. Or… Light up your winter with an amazing experience at the Amsterdam Light festival! For 50 days straight, the capital of the Netherlands will be illuminated by breath taking artworks of light. The typical Amsterdam canals, houses and bridges can uniquely be seen in this special setting during the festival.  This illuminated spectacle will put the whole city under a cozy and romantic spell. A sight you don’t want to miss out on.

Light up your winter

The best way to soak up the illuminated scenes is definitely from the water. Where the beautiful lights will be magnified by the waters reflection. Float through Amsterdam while gazing at the illuminated artworks at your left and right. The Water Colors Cruise will allow you to gaze at the sights from up close.  

Water Colors Cruise

The Water Colors Cruise, takes you past, under and through over 20 breath-taking works of art. An unforgettable experience for all ages! You can buy your ticket online or at the mooring where you can relax and enjoy the live entertainment while sipping on some mulled wine or hot chocolate.

Water Colors Cruise - Fast Track

You don’t feel like waiting? With the Water Colors Cruise – Fast Track you can enjoy the same beautiful evening cruise, without having to queue up! Just make a reservation online for a date and time of your choosing and you’re guaranteed of a spot. A booklet with information about the festival will also be provided on this cruise. 

Water Colors Cruise - Premium

The Water Colors Cruise – Premium will allow you to combine the beautiful cruise through the Amsterdam Light Festival with a delicious wintery drink and snack. For this cruise, you simply make a reservation for a date and time of your choosing, so you’re sure of a spot and don’t have to wait.

Festival dates

You can experience the Amsterdam Light Festival from November 28th till January 18th. So get off your couch, save the date and quickly buy your tickets! During the festival, our Dinner Cruise, Cocktail Cruise, Pizza Cruise and Candlelight Cruise also sail through the festival area.

Best products:

  • Water Colors Cruise

    Experience the Amsterdam Light Festival from the water.

    Experience the Amsterdam Light Festival from the water on board the Water Colors Cruise.

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  • W.Colors Fast Track

    Water Colors Cruise Amsterdam Fast Track

    Enjoy the Amsterdam Light Festival without having to wait in line. For the Water Colors Cruise - Fast Track you reserve a place on a date and time of your own choice.

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  • W.Colors Premium

    You will be surprised by this unique cruise through the Amsterdam Light Festival.

    Experience a beautiful evening cruise during the Amsterdam Light Festival without queueing up. Besides a place on a date and time of your choice, this cruise also includes a drink and a snack.

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